Nigel Hayes

London native, Nigel Hayes, is a jazz-house DJ who integrates the genres of Electronic, Dance, House, R&B/Soul, and Funk into soothing sounds. He moved from London to Glasgow in '89 where he hit-up various DJ spots at places like Sub Club and the Arches.

At the latter he promoted the successful Liberty City club and also worked in Bomba and Fopp Records.

According to the legend, Lars Sandberg (aka Funk D´void), was DJing at a club in Glasgow, Nigel, who was new to the city approached the decks and demanded to give it a go, claiming he was the best DJ on the planet although he didn't have his records with him. The two then became good friends.

Nigel spent a few years in New York where he managed Joe Clausell's famous record store, Dance Tracks, and held a few residencies in a handful of New York clubs.The days spent listening to jazz-funk in Fopp records inspired him to create his own jazzy sounds, "jazz with a beat".

Now back in the UK, Nigel continues to DJ worldwide with gigs in places like Finland, Norway, France and Spain.