Langoth is a Vienna based electronic, nu jazz, jazz band founded in 2004 under the direction of  Michael Langoth- a filmmaker, musician and photographer. Michael Langoth studied architecture at the TU in Vienna from 1974 - 76. He later studied photography at the "Graphischen" during 1975 - 78 and in 1982 he started working in music productions with Helmut Stadlmann at "Radio Tirana."

Since 1988, he has worked in video productions; participated at "Infermental", various video festivals and exhibitions in Europe, USA, Japan and Australia.
1992 Premiere-Preis for "Retracer" VideoFest Berlin.

Other members include; Carl Avory
                                    Da Fonz
                                    Manuel Zauner
                                    Endre Hoffmann
                                    Walter Hollinetz

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