SR076- Flaer - Demontage

Sunshine Enterprises proudly presents: Demontage – the new Maxi Single from FLAER.

With his debut single "Fragrant" in 2005, FLAER, aka Stefan Fallmann, made his mark displaying an absolute passion for dry electro-funk grooves. "Demontage" is another step in the direction of Electro House - and taking a very direct route.

When Stefan Fallmann decided to learn contra- and E-bass in 1992, he laid the foundation for his musical development and dived into the electronic music scene. While attending a course in contrabass given by Andrew Ackermann at Vienna's Music Conservatory, he began simultaneously exploring groove patterns in sequence programmes and also collected experience in Vienna's Jazz and free music scene. The result: Jam-Sessions in Clubs and Bars, among others with DJ Cutex und Albin Janoska for the Sunshine Chandler-Tour 1999.