SR080- Busy People - Never Too Busy

After releasing their 12 inch "The City" on Sunshine in summer 2006, it's time for the Busy People to drop their full length album entitled "Never Too Busy".

The outcome is a diverse mixture of styles, ranging from nu soul to broken beat, up-tempo and even jazz influenced tracks. Guest vocalists include Aminata and Yann (who both appear on several tracks), Justin Chapman a.k.a. Just One (Kemetic Just), Jen (Poets Club), Lai Chaun (Karuan) and newcomers Lisa C. and B-Zar.

"Someday", "Waste my Time" and "Bling Bling" are tasty and laid-back soul pearls.
But you will also discover more club/up-tempo type of songs, including "The City" pt.1 and pt.2, the fierce "Make It Happen" or " Get Out" where the Busy People collaborate with the highly gifted Justin Chapman well known for his features with Recloose, Isoul8 or Deetron.
On "Final Words" poetry meets electronics with spoken word artist JEN.
While "Everything Changes" and "Never Too Busy" prove that you don't always need vocals to get the message across.

The Busy People's debut is all about down to earth and versatile street-soul with an attitude