SR081- DJ Buzz - Episode One

With "Episode One", DJ Buzz & the Waxolutionists presents the first instrumental release of a series to come in 2008. Classic hip-hop beats meet rare groove like tunes as well as neo soul touched rhythms and progressive synthie killers, which perfectly do their job both on dance floors and living rooms. 24 beats on 4 sides will give you a large idea on what the beat horizon of dj buzz is all about.

The first side comes up with modern and soulful layouts, yet futuristic and avantgardistic - with a lil help from his friends here and there: the twintowas, perfeclty embedded in buzz bundy´s soundscapes.

The second side continues with exceptional beats.
Getting more bouncy all along, buzz comes up with a westcoast slammer, the instrumental cut of the 2008 Waxos 12" "Feet Don´t Tell Me" and a massive nujazz kinda track edit.

The third side, once again offers quality and sounddesign per excellence, beginning with a madlibby introduction, followed by two killer "You Have To Love The Machines" beats and, to the end turning into the more classic side of hiphop.

The fourth side ends up with a perfect blend of deep, rolling rhythms, rare groove like interludes, trippy layouts and wonderful addicitive dopebeats.
Don't miss out on this one!