SR088- Waxolutionists - We Paint Colors

World famous Viennese group, Waxolutionists, present their 5th long player "We Paint Colors"!

Following the success of their last 12" "Feet don´t fail me" feat. Dave Ghetto, Hezekiah & Mystic, "Flashlight" feat. Hygher Baby, and "Dance with me" feat. Dave Ghetto, Hezekiah & Mystic, the Waxos deliver a full spectrum on their LP.

Whether it's classic rap-tracks, soulful deep affairs, dark detroit inspired tunes, jazz-influenced tracks driven by live-instrumentation or new styled fresh beats... it's all there... and under the magic hands of the Waxolutionists, it just fits together - naturally. They definitely paint colors!

Mainly produced by DJ Buzz, the Bionic Kid and the Twintowas are also responsible for some beats on the album, as well as for many of the live instruments, which create that organic sound we love! You can be sure there are also some fresh electronic beats for you hipster-beatheads out there!

One for the German and Austrian fans out there -- and we know you were waiting for it -- we got the legendary "Freifach Musik" at the album, already part 3! And there's a banger with longtime friends Manuva of Total Chaos fame, Roger of Blumentopf and Flowin' Immo! More classic Waxos joints on the Jazz side of things are there with "Eos" or "Field of Wonders". And "Atlas" or "Morning Dew" are the tunes for the Beatheads amongst you!