SR095- Late Check Out Vol 1

Sunshine Enterprises & 98.3 proudly present:

Late Check Out Vol. 1 – The unique compilation of Saturday's brunch time radio show on 98.3 Superfly.

As 98.3 Superfly is seen as "Vienna's soulful radio station" it is no coincidence that the station's second CD is composed exclusively of the music of local artists. Late Check Out Vol. 1 brings 15 Austrian contributions in cooperation with Cafe Drechsler.

In order to qualify as a CD, the tracks had to carry an Austrian stamp as well as to communicate a sunny atmosphere: "It is important to us, that the tracks transmit warmth and sunshine", says L Segundo. This philosophy applies to both the Late Check Out radio show and CD as well as the radio station.

No phrase transports this positive mood better than "Sunny, one so true. I Love you." Therefore this song, in one of its countless versions, is also a definite inclusion in every edition of Late Check Out. "It was clear that "Sunny" had to be in the compilation. The only problem was that we couldn't find an Austrian version of it", says Thomas de Martin. "So without further ado L Segundo and I recorded our own."