SR098- Superfly Vol 1

Sunshine Enterprises & 98.3 proudly present:
Superfly Vol. 1 - Soulful Tunes From The Past, Present and Future.

The waiting has finally come to an end! We humbly present the first Superfly Compilation.
Superfly, the Vienna based soulful radio station has successfully supplied the world-at-large with Funk, Jazz, Disco, House and in particular, Soul. This present compilation, gives an insight into the "Superfly Universe".

The "Brothers By Choice," Jürgen Drimal and L Segundo are the fathers of this piece of work, which required lots of long nights, love and dedication.

Superfly stands for Black Music, at the same time the Vienna based radio station is a stage for soulful Austrian music. So, what would be the first compilation without some inclusions of the local heroes? Madrid De Los Austrias, Cut Ex and Rodney Hunter help to demonstrate that soul music is also at home in in this country.