SR001 - Nigel Hayes-I'm The Instrument/Shriek

Nigel Hayes is a London native. Nigel moved from London to Glasgow in 89' where he had various DJ spots at the Sub Club and the Arches.

At the latter he promoted the successful Liberty City club and also worked in both Bomba and Fopp Records. According to the legend Lars Sandberg aka Funk D´void was DJing in a club in Glasgow. Nigel who was new to the city approached the decks and demanded that he was given a go claiming he was the best DJ on the planet, despite the fact that he had no records with him. Following on from this incident the two became firm friends. Nigel went on to spend a few years living in New York where he managed Joe Clausell's famous record store Dance Tracks and held a few residencies in some N.Y. clubs.
Now back to stay in the UK, Nigel continues to DJ worldwide, recent gigs have been in places like Finland, Norway, France and Spain.The days spent listening to jazz-funk in Fopp records (where both Lars and Nigel worked at one time or another) ingrained a love for "jazz with a beat". It was obvious they would want to begin making their own jazzy sounds. In the winter of 95' they did and Chaser was born.

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