SR013-Karuan - Dohuki Ballet

Karuan's album, "Dohuki Ballet" is heavily influenced by his Kurdish heritage. The artist gives the tracks a close, personal touch and blends oriental elements with the fruits of our electronic music era. The experience of listening to Karuan's music is described to balance from "romantic" to "melancholic". The wide sound of the tracks conveys the feeling of a movie soundtrack.
The sound of acoustic instruments like oriental flutes, guitars or bass is a very important ingredient of "Dohuki Ballet". This is supplemented by tasteful beats which underlay the melodies. Most tracks on Karuan's album are without vocals. So it was a great challenge for Karuan to make musical instruments to take over that role. This - with the words of Karuan - "voice substitution" is as emotional as real singing.
The special quality of Karuan's album "Dohuki Ballet" comes from the oriental roots of the music as well as from the careful musical dramaturgy, which is combined with remarkable musical themes.