SR017- Karuan - Dohuki Redirected

"Dohuki Redirected" (SR017) is the remix-single to Karuan´s debut album "Dohuki Ballet" (SR013) which came out in spring 2002 on Sunshine Enterprises.
The single starts off with a brand new track out of Karuan´s lab and is another tribute to the traditional Kurdish singer and songwriter Memhad Arif.
On the flipside Brooklyn´s own Nickodemus (Rhythmlove, Giant Step) takes on "Dunya" and delivers a sensual rework with an attitude featuring the giftet Jay Rodriguez on flute & sax.
Vienna´s sound experimentalist Ulrich Troyer (Mego) comes up with a unique redefinition of "Sirine", blending 8 bit sounds and authentic surround noises from Vienna's Brunnenmarkt.