SR025- Nigel Hayes - It's Your Move

Two years after his stunning debut "but is it art..." (SR003) on Sunshine Enterprises, Nigel Hayes is back again on
the plateau with his full length album : "It´s your move" (SR025)
Nigel Hayes has been producing all kinds of wiggly club music for more than a decade now. He can do it all :
electronic soul, glorious house, sideway beats
and pounding techno.
And it´s all there on his new album.
« It´s your move » features 11 tracks of gorgeous, lush music, embracing elements of house, funk, dub, Latin, Afro and jazz, all woven into a rich tapestry. It has a richness of sound enhanced by the use of live musicians given the space and time to express themselves. But at the center of it all stands the figure of Hayes shaping the sound and pushing things forward like an orchestral conductor.
Nigel delivered the goods again !
And now it´s your move...