SR026- Langoth - Scatwalk

Langoth´s second release out of the forthcoming album "Sentimental Cooking"
(SR028 out spring 2004), comes along with another track from the longplayer and a very strong remix package.
The Northern Ireland outfit Bellcrash, our freshly signed act, drops a stunning reinterpretation of "Don´t Care". Their mix is tinged with live elements and a surprising jazzy arrangement, which culminates in an unusual drum solo.
Upon this Vienna´s own and Dub Club favs Shanti Roots are taking things to a more dubby and spaced out direction. "Thinking Of Me" in the Shanti Roots version is a serious threat to any major sound system and turns out to be the expected floorburner. Fortunately the Shanti´s weren´t quite sure which track to remix in the first place, so they also dropped their science on the "Walk" track. Since the two mixes were that HOT we decided to put both on this 12" for your pleasure. You´ll find the original versions of "Thinking of me" and "Walk" on Langoth´s longplayer "Sentimental Cooking".
So watch out for this Sunshine album spring release !