SR028- Langoth - Sentimental Cooking

Following the two delicious preview 12 inches "Droit Devant"(SR022) and "Scatwalk" (SR026), Langoth´s full length debut album « Sentimental Cooking » (SR028) is now ready to go for your listening pleasure.
The Langoth project has it's origins in laidback music and cooking sessions.
Friends and fellow musicians came together to dine and jam at Michael Langoth´s place, where the recording studio and the kitchen are wall to wall.
After recording these sessions it was Michael's turn to mix those lovely
ingredients back together. The chef de cuisine himself tackled this challenge being the one to handle it with ease and passion.
Now we have got a well done 5 star deluxe menu ready to serve!
The making of « Sentimental Cooking » can be compared to an improvised cooking session.
« Making loop-based music is like creative freestyle cooking. It's much more about unconscious scanning than conscious planning» says Michael Langoth referring to the evolution process of this album. The album lives from the vital exchange of sounds and ideas. Features from new and rising voices like Melinda Stoika and Kristina Fogg and outstanding musical achievements from Walter Hollinetz (sax) or Albert Winkler (guit) are exotic spices making this gala banquet even more tasteful.
Enjoy this exquisite eleven-course dinner. Bon Appetit !