SR031- Brown Sugar - On The Moon

Since the maverick beginning, Oakey & Toshi have played alongside
UFO, Towa Tei, & Howie B at some of the largest venues in Hong Kong to thousands of
clubbers. Toshi is also savoured outside of Hong Kong when he is touring around Japan with Tokyo´s Ska Paradise, Speed King, DJ Utsumi..
Their regular night in Tokyo has also featured live performance by Keiko & Banakin
(Paris-based afro percussionists), pianist Mr. Suzuki, Lotabomba, etc.
Indeed, Brown Sugar proffers beyond the grooves.
Recently, Sunshine Enterprises has signed the duo for yielding the original
Brown Sugar flavour. The debut single "On the Moon" is ready for break-thru and make the DJs swing ! the dancers dance! the trainspotters spot!
On the B-side of the moon you´ll find their own approach to the freakier
Dancefloors of this world - zoomzoom!