SR032- Bellcrash - Losing Gamble

For the love of Jazz – even if You lose gamble.
Picture a packed club with smoky atmosphere and a brimful glass of scotch...
Bellcrash, the jazz hipsters out of Belfast have captured this feeling on their first single
"Losing Gamble" (SR032/1). The title track reflects the scene in a moody and deep way.
On the flip You´ll find a remix of their album track "Flute & Mouth" from the upcoming New Alumnists, which will guide You directly to the floor.
The second track on the flip "White Jazz" gives You another mature piece from the jazz aficionados with a lot more in stock.
Take those 3 tracks as a first impression of the urban soundtrack from the gifted Bellcrash crew.
Their full longplayer release "Suzume Park"(SR037) is on it´s way and scheduled for fall 2004 on Sunshine Enterprises.