SR035- Afropsychopathz - Angel

Afropsychopathz is the production team of Andrew Edward Brown (of Champion Soul Fame) and Robb Scott (check his debut single "Fallin" on Sunshine Enterprises SR 029).
Their Tune "Angel" is the musical testament of the late Timothy Baldwin.
His vocal skillz work perfectly with the heavy beats, broken drum programming and nice strings of the original tune which comes in vocal and instrumental version.
The up and coming Trevor GoodchildE goes down with tempo and delievers a soulful rework with lot of space for Timothy´s prayer.
The Cherubim remix of our own Frankie Valentine is super sweet, very groovy and shows much respect for the song. It´s all recorded with live instruments, and it´s all good! Frankie shows his knowledge and understanding of music after his long time in business, and he delivers nothing less then a future classic! Watch out for new Frankie Valentine material on Sunshine Enterprises soon!