SR037- Bellcrash - Suzume Park

"Open Minded" the first track out of the "Suzume Park" album(SR037) will get you in the vibe for this jazz hipsters heaven. Follow on into the right groove with "Losing Gamble" & "Going To Ground". Get down with your bad-self with the funky beats, "Full Of Music" & "Com Pus Sui".
Sit back and relax with the dreamy "Des Etoiles". Enjoy the musical tributes on "White Jazz" & "Flute & Mouth".Taste the jazzy breaks on "Coalition" & "Conman" and chill out to the reflective "Man Can Never Know".
So there you have it "Suzume Park" (SR037) - 12 excursions into timeless and versatile jazz schemes for your listening pleasure.