SR040- Madrid De Los Austrias - Mas Amor

With their new opus "Mas Amor" (SR040) Heinz & Pogo are setting new standards.
This second album release has all to become a future classic !
The album "Mas Amor" (SR040) is the stunning result of a long and healthy production process.
The boys went to Spain to record songs together with traditional flamenco artists.
It is truly astonishing how worlds continue to collide in the electronic music world.
The global village in action ! Every imaginable cultural collage can be pasted together –
with amazing results!
Madrid de los Austrias, perfectly exemplify this multi-culti phenomenon. They are mixing Havana, New York and Madrid into an intoxicating concoction -- all with Viennese precision.
This fusion of traditional flamenco roots and the elaborate Madrid de los Austrias trademark sound proofs to be a perfect combination. The involvement of top notch musicians is more than apparent and leads to a remarkable richness and maturity of the sound along the eleven tracks of the album.
A wonderfully intoxicating project, very organic, highly sexy music with a Latin twist.
We all at Sunshine are more than proud to offer such a timeless piece of music called "Mas Amor" (SR040). This album should not be missed.
Watch out for more 12"s out of the album with some serious remix business by the likes of Dj Spinna,
Yam Who?, Buscemi, Weekender, Hipp-E, Sergio Flores and our own Karuan.
And be aware of our very first video for the album title track "Mas Amor".