SR041- Madrid De Los Austrias - Un Mensaje

The second release out of the upcoming Madrid de los Austrias album "Más Amor" (SR040) is entitled "Un Mensaje" (SR041/1).
With "Un Mensaje", one of the standout songs from the album, and two blissfull reworks by two of the most demanded remix artists, this 12 inch has all the ingredients to become instant vintage. The record kicks off with "Para don Alonso" which gets the rework treatment by none other than London´s Yam Who? crew.
And they´ve delivered nothing but a true Jam! It reminds us of original boogie classics. The second track on the A-side is the original album version of "Un Mensaje". The unique voice of Luisa Habichuela turns this into a flamenco fusion classic.

The B-side belongs to the king of the beats out of Brooklyn, producer extraordinaire DJ Spinna !
He comes up with a deep and abstract version of "Un Mensaje". Heavy drum programming and spaced out keys are top on this version under his Free Radikalz moniker.
"Un Mensaje" – the message is already spreaded by the likes of Rainer Trüby, Peter Kruder and Little Louie Vega.