SR042- Flaer- Fragrant

Easy, electrifying, funky & smelly...
The debut single "Fragrant" (SR042/1) from the viennese bass player and producer Stefan Fallmann under his Flaer moniker shows nothing but superfinished contemporary-funk.
With the opener "Fragrant" Stefan takes a very funky ride, into a groovy and humorous universe.
The voyage continues with "Spread" featuring the vocals of Julia Fischer and heavy organ droppings guiding the listener even deeper in Stefan´s yet unexplored funk playground.
The B-side kicks off with a tremendous rework of "Fragrant" by our Italian friends Lele Sacchi and Sandiego aka Boogie Drama.
They have put the original in a vibrant electro-punk context.
This version is bouncing from A to Z and will leave a lot of sweat on the dancefloor. Big ups to bella Italia for this one !
With the last track "Jacuzzi" Stephan adds another ingredient to his Fragrant, a mystical and intoxicating flavour that sums up his promising debut journey.
No way escaping this...don´t miss his next ride !