SR048- Dorfmeister vs. MDLA - Valldemossa Remix

After several remixes (for greats artists like Koop, Groove Armada, Zero 7, Pressure Drop, Willie Bobo, "Valldemossa" was the first piece from the collaboration of topnotch Viennese, Richard Dorfmeister and Madrid de los Austrias.
Their summer smash "Valldemossa"(SR034) gets the prime time club treatment.
Moonbootica, one of the hottest up and coming outfits out of Germany turned "Valldemossa" into a club banger. This remix simply ROCKS in a massive way!
Already tested and approved, this one has huge potential.
On the flip, you´ll discover a highly sexy and nasty "Valldemossa". Madrid de los Austias drops an amazing electronic funk rework and features Brooklyn based percussionist, MC Nappy G on the vocals!
Last but not least, the gifted Parov Stelar comes up with a very slick and jazzy "Valldemossa". One for the Nu-jazz hipsters to sum up another versatile package from the Sunshine Enterprises.