SR052- Burdy - Hold It Back

Andrew Burdall, aka Burdy, offers us the wicked release of "Hold It Back" Ep (SR052/1). A driving groove, tight drum-programming, with a jazzy feel and some acid tweaking on top.
There´s nothing to hold back on that one!

A2 - "Cyberspace Man" is a sizzling floor shaker, the chauffeur de taxi groove in full effect once again.
Tim Paris, the gifted Frenchman known for his label work for Silver, Crack & Speed & Matketing delivers nothing but a left field masterpiece with his rework for "Hold It Back".

"Sayonara Yo" features the Viennese based sound warriors, Waxolutionists, with a little Japanese turntablism lesson, saying a respectful goodbye to you all...
Don´t hold it back and get into this versatile and groovy ride.