SR059- Langoth - Trompophon

Here is Langoth´s second single "Trompophon" out of his current album "Grounding" (SR062/2). Vienna´s living hip hop legend Dj Cut-Ex delivers a ultra smooth 80´s boogie version of "Grounding". Cut-Ex´s style is unique and so is this remix. Our wise Kurdish ace Karuan drops a Vienna flavoured remix of "What A Family" that grows easily on the listeners ears. The Ep title track "Trompophon" is a laidback jazzy affair that highlights Thierry Roberts instrument invention, a trumpet with a saxophone´s mouthpiece played here by Michael Langoth himself. On the flip You will discover an absolutely gorgeous rework of "What A familiy" by our new signed sensation Busy People. With their first remix ever the duo comes up with an instant broken-beat classic, that bounces straight up and down in a very mature way. A big Big Up to the Busy P´s for that mix! Last but not least the album version of "What A Family", one of the Langoth´s LP highlights featuring Da Fonz on vocals sums up another powerful release from the Sunshine Enterprises stable.