SR062- Langoth - Grounding

Following Langoth's debut album "Sentimental Cooking", his second album is now ready to be enjoyed. The Langoth project is all about friends and fellow musicians coming together and creating unique music influenced by many different characters. First, the project was to dine and to jam with some good fellows. For his new album "Grounding" (SR062/2) though, the focus was on making excellent and compelling music! The initial meet & greet turned into some serious studio sessions and became a unique family-portrait. The "family" went straight to the essentials grounded in the basement-floor. Langoth's trademark-sound is topped with new impacts on this album. Peregrine features from Melinda Soika, Kristina Fogg, Bobas & Maestro and a new family-member Da Fonz create an absolute listening pleasure. This album is an extension of the 5 star deluxe menu "Sentimental Cooking", serving new ideas and innovations. The listeners are leaded through the album with an intro of a desperate phone-call "Come Over Here", followed by the hit-single "Grounding" with its typical Viennese style and its outstanding video. "On my Own", a spherical duel of French and English spoken words shows the variety of sounds and the consistency of the message in this album. Song number 7 is a tribute to the unheard of instrument, the "Gummophon", invented by Michael Langoth and Thierry Robert. The song "Home to the Cities" reflects the apocalypse cities are confronted with today's world and the lack of deepness in our society generally. "Slow Motion" concludes the album and reminds the listeners to slow-down in this bustling and fast moving world. What a grounded album from the Langoth family!
This full length album will contain exclusive bonus material like the "Grounding" video and even more moving pictures from the Langoth family on a DualDisc!!!