SR063- Frankie Valentine - Paradise Regained

Frankie´s second single from his forthcoming album "World of What" (SR065) is entitled "Paradise Regained".
Slam Mode, a.k.a. Angel Rodriguez, and Michael Cole have made a gorgeous future piece of electronic dance music of the single's title track. Slam Mode has set out to create new paths with their own unique production style, with the intent of elevating themselves and their listeners to unlimited levels of consciousness. And that's what they underline here once again with this epic high tech jazz version of "Paradise Regained".

Next, you will discover a massive radio edit of "World Of What" by the fine, Jeremy Newall.

On the flip, Matthew "Bushwacka" B. of the duo Layo & Bushwacka fame drops a crispy, driving and bouncing remix of "World Of What". This opus of a remix will be a sure shot under the usual suspects and hipster crowds around the globe.
You've been warned!