SR065- Frankie Valentine - World Of What

The "World of What," is a soundtrack of the journey of music as it seeks out affinity. Across diasporas, despite language, the same whispers: wherever you are in time and space the rhythms remain the same.
The melodies of this world call back along electronic ancestral lines, understanding is an infinite back catalog of drum-skinned syllables, music is its indestructible constant in an equilibrium, increasingly off balance.
The "World of What" is a two pence coin for your mind's stylus.
African melancholy folds its meter into the sounds of Bahia, from this trans-continental tectonics, a bat signal in the shape of west London appears, dreams not so much broken as multiplied.
The world of what is a cultural cross-pollination; plane tickets from Istanbul, Vienna and Rio fall like seeds from a wax packed record box. The further the distance traveled, the greater the realization that distance don't mean shit; the connections become more defined, the music is ethereal.