With their new opus, "Mas Amor" (SR040), Heinz & Pogo are setting new standards.This second album release has all to become a future classic!
The album "Mas Amor" (SR040) is the stunning result of a long and healthy production process.The boys went to Spain to record songs together with traditional flamenco artists.

The logistics of "Sentimental Cooking (SR028)" can be compared to an improvised cooking session. "Making loop-based music is like creative freestyle cooking. It's much more about unconscious scanning than conscious planning," describes Michael Langoth,in reference to the evolution process of this album.

The track "Grounding", has its typical Viennese style! The focus of the album- "Grounding" (SR062/2), was all about making excellent and compelling music! The initial meet & greet turned into some serious studio sessions and became a unique family-portrait. The "family" went straight to the essentials down in the basement and created this jam.